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Recovery is hard, no matter what you’re recovering from. While it would be nice for the rest of our life to stop and wait for us to catch up during recovery, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. On the recovery journey, there will be other hardships placed in your path that will challenge you and your recovery. It’s important for you to know how to overcome these trials in order to continue your recovery and stay sober.

Eating Disorders are a mental illness that has a tight grip on a large percentage of our population. Most individuals that suffer from an eating disorder are women. This illness is just as troublesome and addictive as an addiction to alcohol or other substances. Those who suffer from an eating disorder become addicted to the control that they gain by losing weight and controlling their food intake. This control comes with anxiety, a constant desire to be better and thinner, and obsessing over numbers. Recovery can seem scary and lifelong, but there are some amazing changes you’ll undergo that will make the whole recovery process worth it.

Sleep is essential for your emotional, mental, and physical health. It is governed by circadian rhythms, the cyclical chemical processes of the body, and can be disrupted by drugs, alcohol, and stress. This can become a dangerous cycle as addicts will often suffer from worse insomnia during withdrawal and might relapse. Here is some advice on improving your sleep: