Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a major drug stimulant that is notorious for putting its users into a state of ridiculous energy and with high amounts of pleasure. However, despite the thrilling high that cocaine initiates, it is also an incredibly addictive drug that can easily leave its users with a strong dependency. The origin of cocaine is in South America, where coca leaves are indigenous to. Originally, many people in South America would chew on these leaves to gain energy. However, it was quickly discovered that the coca leaves could be distilled and powdered, which is how cocaine is typically consumed today.


Short term effects of cocaine usage


Cocaine is able to be highly effective in small doses, especially for first time users. For these users, the initial rush of cocaine will generate a mental state of astute alertness, followed by an intense feeling of pleasure, due to the fact that dopamine receptors in the brain are forced to overload. This is highly similar to how heroin operates, despite heroin being a sedative and cocaine being a stimulant. While under the influence of cocaine, users develop heightened senses of sight, sound, and smell.


Many of the positive effects of cocaine only last about half an hour, which is why users need to continuously take doses throughout a session. This is highly problematic, because cocaine increases the user’s heart rate and blood pressure, and can lead to cocaine overdoses, which can be lethal without proper medical attention.


Long term effects of cocaine addiction


Cocaine is a highly physically addictive drug, especially due to the fact that it becomes hard for your brain to continue to produce dopamine without it, if you are a regular user. Chronic cocaine addiction comes with a host of destructive effects, most notably the cardiovascular issues that develop. These effects lead to an irregular heartbeat, and heart attacks are much more likely for those with cocaine addiction. Cocaine also has adverse effects on other vital organs, such as the kidney and liver.